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Former Iowa State Savings Bank (Tracy, Iowa)

Former Bank Building (and Current Post Office) [Tracy, Iowa]

The Iowa State Savings Bank was organized in the unincorporated Marion County town of Tracy in 1903 with a capital of $12,000. The bank originally operated from a former harness shop before a dedicated brick building was constructed in 1912. The bank’s stay in the new building was relatively short-lived, closing its doors in 1927, suffering the fate of thousands of banks across the nation which shuttered during the Great Depression. The century-old building is now home to the Tracy Post Office.

Christian Reformed Church (Tracy, Iowa)

Christian Reformed Church (Tracy, Iowa)

The Christian Reformed Church in Tracy was first organized in the nearby town of Harvey on May 29, 1902. The congregation moved to Tracy in 1914, with first services held in the old schoolhouse. The former school served members until 1945 when it was torn down and the current church was built on the same site. Much lumber from the school building was reused for construction of the new church.

Post Office 50219 (Pella, Iowa)

Over 1,000 residents in the Marion County town of Pella toured the post office on its opening day, April 26, 1937. The Pella Chronicle¬†wrote the $55,000 post office “fills a long-felt need and it will now be possible to give even better service than before.” The article highlights the spacious lobby, efficient workspace, and damp-proof basement in addition to noting the postmaster’s “luxurious private office which was overflowing with flowers sent by well-wishers.”

Key features on the second level include the “Swing” room where employees may rest during their off-hours and the “peeping gallery,” a space used by postal inspectors for observing employees on the main floor without being seen themselves. Postal service was first established in Pella in 1845 as Lake Prairie.

American Legion Post No. 632 (Melcher-Dallas, Iowa)

In 1924, an American Legion post was chartered with initial meetings held in the Miners Hall. Named as a combination of the once-independent towns of Dallas and Melcher, post membership grew significantly following World War II and a permanent space was needed. The organization bought the Melcher Union Building, and has since expanded it twice. The hall has been used as a meeting place, for wedding receptions, senior citizens affairs, a voting hall, and more.