Public Library (Sibley, Iowa)

Public Library (Sibley, Iowa)

A local Library Association was first formed in the Osceola County seat of Sibley in 1874. The association allowed membership at either a dollar or donation of books worth the equivalent amount, and books were kept in the County Recorder’s Office. By 1908, an agreement was reached so the city could lease the GAR Memorial Hall for one dollar per year for use as the Sibley Public Library.

In 1915, the community was awarded a Carnegie grant of $10,000. Land for the library was donated, and the new building was dedicated December 11, 1917. Since initial construction, two major improvement projects have been completed: a 1985 addition of a meeting room, genealogy room and children’s activity center, and a 2008 renovation project that included new carpet, new paint, and new furnishings. The refurbished library building held an open house in August 2009.

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