Post Office 52236 (Homestead, Iowa)

Post Office 52236 (Homestead, Iowa)

The unincorporated village of Homestead was not part of the original Amana Colonies settlement. It was added in 1861, six years after the original six communities were formed, to give the Colonies access to the railroad. Visitors to Homestead will find several original brick Amana dwellings. Though they are now privately owned by individual families, at time of construction, these homes served as the residence for three or four families at a time.

The Post Office in Homestead was in place before the community was incorporated into the Amana Colonies. The post office was originally established in 1852, more than 30 years before service was present in any other Amana village. It appears have remained in the same location since at least 1919, though its modern day appearance varies from the postcard: a ramp has been added added, chimneys removed, and supports now prop up the west wall of the building.

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