Post Office 52307 (Middle Amana, Iowa)

Post Office 52307 (Middle Amana, Iowa)

This small post office located along Iowa State Highway 220 serves residents in the unincorporated village of Middle Amana. Residents were up in arms in September 1995 when word spread that the Postal Service was considering closing the Middle Amana location. According to an article in theĀ Cedar Rapids Gazette, resident Arnold Moessner circulated a petition to protest the proposed closing; he was quoted: “That’s kind of our morning exercise. We walk to the post office instead of the coffee shop.”

By November 1995, Postal Service officials indicated the post office would be spared. Furnace concerns, which were one consideration in the proposal to close the office, had been resolved, and a nearby postmaster had transferred in to operate the facility. The post office remains open today, with 157 boxes to serve the village of Middle Amana.

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