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Post Office 51448 (Kiron, Iowa)

Post Office 51448 (Kiron, Iowa)

The first post office was established in the Crawford County town of Kiron on July 23, 1872, with Andrew Norelius appointed the first postmaster. He held the position for 18 years, operating the small office from within his home. The postmaster job originally required a twice-weekly, 7.7-mile horseback ride to Deloit to pickup and drop off mail, regardless of weather. Within a few years, a route was setup to deliver mail from Denison via stage or wagon on a daily basis.

Fire Department and City Hall (Ricketts, Iowa)

Fire Station and City Hall (Ricketts, Iowa)

A chemical fire engine marked the first piece of fire fighting equipment ordered for the Crawford County town of Ricketts. At the same time, fire alarm boxes were purchased, and one was given to each member of the fire department. The first engine house was constructed in 1905, with a tower and fire bell added in May 1908. Water mains were laid in 1908, and the first Ricketts community fire truck was purchased in 1930. The present Fire Station and City Hall building was constructed in 1971.

Public Library (Schleswig, Iowa)

The Schleswig Public Library was first organized as a study club in 1940, with meetings held in members’ homes. As residents, businesses, and service groups donated books and money, space was made in the city hall facility for a permanent library within a year. In 1966, the Iowa Telephone Company presented the community of Schleswig with a building to use as exclusively as a library. With over 10,000 items in its collection, the Schleswig Public Library continues to operate out of this building today.