Public Library (Colfax, Iowa)

Public Library (Colfax, Iowa)

On November 5, 1892, the Colfax City Council voted to allow the west room of the second story of the new City Hall building to be used for a public library. On December 16 that year, a meeting was called and the public library association was officially organized. By July 21, 1893, the Library was formally dedicated, and in 1902, the library board began correspondence with Andrew Carnegie to receive money for a new library building. In 1904, a $6,500 grant for a new library was approved and the community began deliberation before work was started.

Lots were purchased for $2,300 on January 12, 1912, and the cornerstone was officially laid October 15, 1912. The new library was completed on March 24, 1913, and dedication ceremonies were held May 14, 1913. The historic building has been well-preserved, with only a handful of changes made since the library opened. In 1915, the library’s annual budget was $1,152.

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