Feature: Hawkeye Point (Near Sibley, Iowa)

Hawkeye Point (Near Sibley, Iowa)

Last weekend, Amanda and I stopped by Hawkeye Point, which has the distinction of being the highest point in the state of Iowa.  The 1670-foot peak is on private property, but it is easy to access, just a short walk from the road.  The official landmark is at the end of a feeding trough and is marked with a wooden cutout in the shape of Iowa.

There’s a metal box encouraging visitors to register, where we wrote our names and bought two of the souvenir keychains, which go for a mere $1 each.  Located just north of Sibley, Iowa, Hawkeye Point provided a break from driving and nice view of northwest Iowa farmland.

June 2010 Update: Since our visit in mid-2007, the property was donated to Osceola County; an information kiosk is now present with information on the family who previously owned the property and Osceola County in general.

Hawkeye Point
Near Sibley, Iowa
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