Federal Building and Post Office 52565 (Keosauqua, Iowa)

With a population of just 1,006, the Van Buren County seat of Keosauqua may be one of the smallest towns in the nation to feature a Federal Building and two-story Post Office. Here’s a clip from the article that was written in the Moravia Union just prior to the building’s dedication in July 1961:

Postmasters and other community leaders by the hundreds will journey to Keosauqua in southeastern Iowa on Saturday, July 29, for the public dedication of the new 80 x 63 foot federal building and post office.

Many towns of a thousand have or soon will have new post offices. But none the size of Keosauqua has a two-story structure costing $298,400. Van Buren county offices of federal agencies will occupy the top floor.

Features of the new government facility include entrances on two streets, a ramp for the convenience of the infirm, 40 tons of air conditioning, automatic oil furnace with 6,000 gallon underground tank, 30 x 15 foot loading dock, refrigerated drinking fountains, hot and cold water in six toilet rooms, 30-foot picture window, venetian blinds on all windows, and a master clock that regulates hourly 16 units all over the building.

Following the dedication, an open house was held; refreshments were served.

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