United Methodist Church (Harcourt, Iowa)

The history of the United Methodist Church in the Webster County town of Harcourt can be traced to the 1890s, when a group of members of the Swedish Methodist Church in Dayton tired of the trip between the two cities. C.A. Seaborg, the pastor of the Dayton Church, urged the group to investigate the possibility of finding a building in Harcourt. The group raised $730 to purchase a four-year-old church building in the community in June 1900; it had 25 charter members.

In 1950, funds had been accumulated to allow major enlargements and improvements to the building. The cornerstone of the current facility was laid December 10, 1950, with construction completed the following year. New stained glass windows were installed in the 1960s, while extensive interior renovations were made the following decade. The church has shared a pastor with the United Methodist Church in nearby Dayton since 1969.