Feature: Twin County Dairy (Kalona, Iowa)

Twin County Dairy (Near Kalona, Iowa)

Commonly referred to as the “cheese factory,” the Twin County Dairy in Kalona, Iowa, has long been one of my family’s favorite destinations.  Inside the dairy’s quaint market, visitors can sample gourmet cheeses, shop for Iowa-made goods, and, most importantly, buy some of their delicious cheese curds.

These cheese curds sold at the cheese factory are nothing like the ones you’ll find in your neighborhood grocery stores or gas stations.  Sold fresh, these curds are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.  They’ll also bring a smile to your face, as a short, cute squeaking sound emerges from your mouth with each delicious bite.

If you’re traveling on I-80 and have a little time to spare, veer south on Highway 1 and stop at the dairy for a pound or two of cheese curds.  Note that they’re best enjoyed at lukewarm temperature, so avoid the refrigerator until necessary – about 24 hours after purchase.

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