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Feature: Sub City (Marshalltown, Iowa)

Sub City (Marshalltown, Iowa)

Across from the courthouse in downtown Marshalltown, Iowa, is Sub City – an independently-owned sub shop serving big sandwiches at small prices.  When you enter, you’ll find a large framed menu on the east wall listing all 30 sub possibilities, composed of various meats and cheeses.  Each is available on wheat or white bread, in either whole (foot-long) or half length.

What sets Sub City apart from its chain-store competitors is your meat and cheese is cut specifically for your sub order.  The standard “works” New Jersey-style set of toppings is recommended (tomato, lettuce, onion, oregano, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar), especially for your first visit, but feel free to customize your sub from their extensive list of extras.

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Feature: Zeno’s Pizza (Marshalltown, Iowa)

Zeno's Restaurant (Marshalltown, Iowa)

Located in the heart of Marshalltown, Iowa, is Zeno’s Pizza, an established restaurant serving well-prepared, thin crust pizza at a reasonable price.  Zeno’s keeps things simple with their menu, featuring garlic bread and lettuce salads as the only options besides their classic pizza pies.

When ordering, choose from a handful of specialty pizzas (including an intriguing bacon-sauerkraut option), or opt to build your own pizza from a number of standard toppings.  The pizza begins with a thin, perfectly crispy crust, followed by a layer of tomato sauce, your choice of toppings, and an ample amount of cheese.

Beyond the food, the atmosphere satisfies the “old-fashioned pizza house” requirements, complete with textured mustard-yellow walls and padded wooden booths.  We found the wait-staff to be incredibly friendly and efficient, turning around the salad, pizza, and refills in an extraordinarily prompt manner.  If you’re in the Marshalltown area, Zeno’s is a worthy dinner destination.

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