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Post Office 50234 (Rhodes, Iowa)

Postal service was originally established in the Marshall County town of Rhodes in 1860, at which time it was known as Edenville. The name of Rhodes was officially implemented on August 3, 1883, and in the ensuing years, the post office was located in a general store, hardware store, and Masonic Lodge building. The post office moved to its current facility in 1949; in recent years, the storefront was redesigned and handicapped-accessible ramp was added.

Post Office 50120 (Haverhill, Iowa)

A post office was established in the Marshall County town of Haverhill on April 11, 1882, with Killian Kunkel appointed the first postmaster. Kunkel operated the post office from his general store, which sold hardware, crockery, and other merchandise. In 1888, a local pharmacist was appointed postmaster, and unsurprisingly, the post office was relocated to his drug store. After several subsequent locations, including the homes of two different postmasters, a standalone facility for the Haverhill Post Office was constructed; it opened in 1992.

Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Marshalltown, Iowa)

Construction began on Veterans Memorial Coliseum in downtown Marshalltown in 1928, with dedication services held on March 15, 1929. The facility has served a number of purposes in its 80-plus-year history, including an important training quarters for the Iowa National Guard prior to World War II. The local American Legion Post has held meetings in the second-floor offices, Marshalltown Community College has played basketball games in the gym, and local residents have rented the building for dances, sports, and even weddings.

Since the building was originally dedicated for to veterans of the Civil War, Spanish American War, and World War I, a special ceremony was held on Veterans Day 2009 to mark the 80th anniversary of the facility and rededicate the building to all veterans.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (Haverhill, Iowa)

Immaculate Conception parish in the Marshall County town of Haverhill can trace its history to October 20, 1877, when a meeting was held among twelve German- and nine English-speaking families to establish a Catholic church. By 1879, a small frame church was completed a mile west of the present site at a cost of $1,285. As part of an extension of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad, the town of Haverhill was officially platted in 1881, and the building was relocated to the present church site.

The parish grew to 73 families by 1900, and quickly the frame church was too small to accommodate the congregation; ground was broken for the present church the following year. Constructed in the Gothic design, the red brick and white stone building measured 48 x 118 feet with a 13-story tower. The new church was formally dedicated on October 22, 1902. As noted in the Haverhill, Iowa, centennial book, “the day was ideal… clear and bright after several days of rain.”

After 105 years of services, a final mass of closing was held at Immaculate Conception on Sunday, July 1, 2007. The church was designated an Oratory, allowing funerals and weddings of the certified membership only. Masses are held each May and December.

Community Center (Albion, Iowa)

Community Center (Albion, Iowa)

When Albion joined the Marshalltown Community School District in 1962, the future of the large brick school building was in question. For a time, education continued in Albion with elementary classes held in the 1915 building. When the elementary classes were discontinued, the building was repurposed as a Community Center, which now holds dances, reunions and other gatherings. Area senior citizens also have a quarters in the building.