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Feature: Piper’s Groceries (Chariton, Iowa)

Piper's Groceries (Chariton, Iowa)

Located on the square in Chariton, Iowa, Piper’s Grocery is a local institution.  It has been a part of the community since 1903, and located in the same location since 1905.  While you can still find some basic groceries available to purchase, the main reason to make a trip to the store is for their homemade candy.

Budget fifteen minutes to a half hour to get the most out of your stop.  The helpful staff can answer questions and help hand-pack your desired combination of candies into the gift box of your choice.  Their most popular candy is the turtle, made from pecans topped with caramel and chocolate.  My mom’s favorite choice is their pecan-wrapped caramel rolls, while my wife’s top pick is their English toffee squares.

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