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Antioch Baptist Church (Hamlin, Iowa)

Antioch Baptist Church (Hamlin, Iowa)

When the post office closed in the unincorporated Audubon County community of Hamlin in May 2006, Pastor Joseph Rose saw an opportunity to purchase a permanent location for his church congregation. For $13,000, they were able to take possession of the 1,200-square-foot building to begin interior remodeling in early July. Walls were torn down, carpet was replaced, and drywall was repaired in time for the first official service in the new building on October 1, 2006.

Feature: Albert the Bull (Audubon, Iowa)

Albert the Bull (Audubon, Iowa)

Last winter, Amanda and I made a short stop in Audubon, Iowa, to see Albert, the world’s largest bull.  There’s a certain charm to the storied 40-year-old statue, which is housed within a well-kept community park.  The paint job was pristine, with a pleasing brown and white color scheme and glowing blue eyes.

Located just a few miles north of Interstate 80 on Highway 71, it’s a quirky, fun stop that makes for a great photo backdrop for the kids or entire family.  In addition, if you’re looking to stretch your legs, it beats any highway rest stop and is guaranteed to be an enjoyable break from the monotony of driving.