Feature: Swinging Bridge (Columbus Junction, Iowa)

Swinging Bridge (Columbus Junction, Iowa)

On Highway 92 just within the city limits of Columbus Junction, Iowa, is an unassuming blue sign labeled “Swinging Bridge” with an arrow pointing north.  This fun and quick attraction was originally constructed in 1886 and then rebuilt in 1904 and 1922.  Now nearly 90 years old, there’s no doubt many kids, teens, and families have enjoyed the trip across this 262 feet long bridge.

When you visit, park your car on the side of the road, and be sure to read the marker at the east end of the bridge.  You’ll learn the bridge was originally constructed from barrel staves and wire, and the collapse of the second bridge in 1920.  Finally, grab your camera when you venture across the bridge and snap some photos (or take some video) as you venture across this entertaining, wobbly bridge.

Swinging Bridge
3rd Street
Columbus Junction, Iowa

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