Feature: Stringtown Grocery (Kalona, Iowa)

Stringtown Grocery (Near Kalona, Iowa)

A few miles north of the community of Kalona, Iowa, sits Stringtown Grocery, a small but delightful store that sells fresh produce, baked goods, plus bulk groceries and spices.

When you walk in, you’ll see a few cakes and cookies for sale on the front shelf of this Amish-run store.  Peruse the aisles and you will find bulk packages of everything ranging from flour to brown sugar to chocolate chips to pasta.  There are no gimmicks here: prices are extremely reasonable and goods are packed in plastic bags with hand-written or hand-stamped labels.

The entire area has a certain charm to it: take a drive down the country roads near Kalona and you’re likely to see an Amish family working in the field or riding down the road in a horse-drawn carriage.  And, make a point to stop by Stringtown Grocery, located just off Highway 1.

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