Feature: Stoner Drug (Hamburg, Iowa)

Stoner Drug (Hamburg, Iowa)

Though the building facade and drug store sign have changed over the years, the tenets of a great drug store are still in tact.  An underwhelming atmosphere is made up for by a long tradition of great drinks and ice cream snacks, plus some of the friendliest service you’ll ever find at a soda fountain.

Beyond the traditional pops, sodas and sundaes, you’ll want to try their special salad sandwiches.  Choose between homemade ham or chicken salad, served with a slice of lettuce on plain or toasted bread.  Add a drink, and your lunch will run just over $5.

You can opt to sit with family or friends in one of several wooden booths, or take a seat at the counter near the back of the store.  Beyond the food items, Stoner Drug has an impressive selection of cards and gifts, and is well worth the stop if you’re in the area.

Stoner Drug
1105 Main Street
Hamburg, Iowa 51640
(712) 382-2551

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