State Bank of Bussey (Lovilia, Iowa)

Residents of the Monroe County town of Lovilia were taken by surprise on June 30, 1976, when two men robbed the local branch of the State Bank of Bussey at gunpoint. The event was captured in detail in the Lovilia History Book published two years later:

One of the most exciting events to ever happen in Lovilia was a real live bank robbery in 1976. It was broad daylight, about 11:15 a.m. on June 30, 1976, when two men entered the Lovilia branch of the State Bank of Bussey. One man pulled a gun on bank manager Ed Beary, and the robbers took $1,400.

By the time the two robbers had fled and escaped through the wooded area behind the school. Sheriff and patrol cars, flashing lights, sirens and uniformed law officers soon appeared on the scene and a stunned crowd of people stood by.

The next 24 hour were filled with continued excitement. The search was underway for the culprits. Plane spotters were in the sky, falling over this area. Rumors were running wild and all possible connections were checked. Doors that previously had not been locked were secured that night; few people were on the streets after dark.

The book notes law enforcement officers arrested the two robbers in a barn near Marysville the following morning; the gun was found and money recovered.