Feature: Riverbend Pizza and Steakhouse (Keosauqua, Iowa)

Riverbend Pizza and Steak House (Keosauqua, Iowa)

Most residents of southeast Iowa are familiar with the villages of Van Buren county. The small community of Cantril features the Dutchman’s Store, a block-long store selling dry goods, frozen foods, and more. An old grist mill in Bonaparte is home to a popular restaurant, while a new creamery in Milton specializes in specialty cheese curds.

The largest town in the county is Keosauqua, with just over 1,000 residents. Being the second-smallest county seat in the state, you won’t find a single big box discount or dollar store in the city limits. Instead, you’ll enjoy a refreshingly simple downtown district with a local grocer, pharmacy and other small businesses.

The downtown dining highlight in Keosauqua is Riverbend Pizza and Steakhouse, a traditional local restaurant serving classic comfort food. While other reviewers have referenced the homemade pizza and hand-breaded tenderloins, the lasagna special receives high marks from me. It’s an unpretentious dish made with traditional lasagna ingredients and topped with a perfect amount of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

The atmosphere is plain, but comfortable, and the wait staff is friendly and efficient. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite for lunch or a destination dinner, Riverbend Pizza and Steakhouse is a great choice.

Riverbend Pizza and Steakhouse
603 First Street
Keosauqua, Iowa 52565
(319) 293-9900

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