Public Library (Stacyville, Iowa)

Public Library (Stacyville, Iowa)

The Stacyville Public Library debuted in May 14, 1968, inside the City Hall. The library was housed in the portion of the City Hall that formerly held two jail cells. The wall between the cells was torn down and bookshelves were installed for library use. A year later, as the collection grew, discussion began around the idea of using the entire City Hall building for the library. Funds were secured to remodel the facility and books were moved to the nearby beauty shop as the library space was renovated. The upgraded building of 1,050 square feet opened April 1970.

By 1995, the Public Library determined that more space was needed and fundraising efforts began for a new library building. Annual corn mazes were held between 1999 and 2002 to generate funds, and two large donations were received for use in the library project. The $285,000 building was completed in 2004 with a large crew of volunteer labor. On December 4, 2004, a large crew of volunteers moved books and materials, and the new library was officially opened.

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