Public Library (Paullina, Iowa)

Public Library (Paullina, Iowa)

When Boston resident Fred G. Frothingham died in 1896, $2,000 was given to the O’Brien County community of Paullina to construct a library building. The money was accepted and in 1907, Paullina residents voted to purchase a lot for the building and donated over $2,800 in additional funds to purchase the book and build the new library. The Fronthingham Free Public Library was dedicated March 5, 1908 with Iowa Governor Albert B. Cummins addressing the audience.

In September 1972, the trustees of the Grace Methodist Church in Paullina provided the city with a land lot and $5,000 toward the construction of a new library building. The new (and present) library construction was finished in in 1975; at time of completion, the facility was renamed the Paullina Public Library. Iowa Governor Robert D. Ray spoke at the official dedication in October 1975.

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