Public Library (Elberon, Iowa)

Public Library (Elberon, Iowa)

Likely one of the youngest libraries in the state, the Elberon Public Library opened its doors on June 9, 1990. It originally opened as a branch of the library in Keystone, a community seven miles west of Elberon. The Keystone Public Library agreed to offer advice along with a loan of 200 books, while the City of Elberon agreed to allow the library to use the meeting room in the local community center.

As the library collection grew, so did the need for a larger library space. On February 13, 2006, the Elberon Public Library officially opened in a permanent space in the front of the expanded Elberon Community Center.  The new space led to a growth in visitors and circulation, with 483 more visitors and 1,001 more items checked out in 2006.  The library now holds over 5,000 books, 500 videos, and checked out nearly 6,000 items to community members in 2010.

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