Post Office 50854 (Mt. Ayr, Iowa)

Postal service was established in the Ringgold County seat of Mount Ayr in August 1855. Like many towns in Iowa, the first Post Office was located within the postmaster’s home, and shifted to many residential and commercial locations over its first eighty years. In August 1939, plans arrived to construct a new post office of brick and yellow monsota stone on the northwest corner of the town square. Featuring two stories, marble interior accents, and a colored terrazzo floor, construction cost for the new facility totaled $75,000.

The new Mount Ayr Post Office was formally dedicated August 22, 1940, with the superintendent of schools serving as master of ceremonies. A highlight of the historic post office is a 6-foot 8-inch by 11-foot mural in the lobby titled “Corn Parade.” Painted by local artist Orr C. Fisher, it’s one of 36 murals painted in the state from funds via the Works Progress Administration.

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