Feature: Pine Creek Grist Mill (Near Muscatine, Iowa)

Pine Creek Grist Mill (Near Muscatine, Iowa)

A few miles outside of Muscatine, Iowa, is the Pine Creek Grist Mill, a unique attraction that allows visitors to see the inner-workings of a historic flour mill.  The beautifully restored mill is over 150 years old and thought to be the oldest working mill between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.

Though it’s open to the public five days a week during the summer, you’ll get the most out of your visit by stopping on a Sunday afternoon.  In addition to two scheduled mill demonstrations, the Melpine School – a restored one-room school house – is open for visitors between 1 and 4.  The mill’s website has been revamped since we last visited and now features a video plus a bevy of information about the history (and future) of the revamped mill.

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