Feature: Lincoln Cafe (Mt. Vernon, Iowa)

Lincoln Cafe (Mt. Vernon, Iowa)

Located in Mount Vernon, Iowa, Lincoln Cafe tops my list of all-time favorite restaurants. During our days at Cornell College, Amanda and I ate there frequently, enjoying superb food for lunch and dinner.

Along with incredibly innovative specials and desserts that change on a weekly basis, Lincoln Cafe has a solid regular menu. The everyday options include a hamburger with blue cheese, a BLT with avocado mayonnaise, and a spicy grilled chicken sandwich. You get a welcomed dash of creativity along with a reasonable price tag.

It’s a popular destination, so be aware a wait may be in store for evening dining. Nonetheless, if you’re in the area, Lincoln Cafe is an essential stop.

Lincoln Cafe
117 1st St. W
Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314
(319) 895-4041
Official Website

Lincoln Cafe on Urbanspoon

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