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Tastee Inn & Out (Sioux City, Iowa)

Tastee Inn & Out (Sioux City, Iowa)

Keep your expectations realistic when you enter the drive thru lane at the Tastee Inn & Out, a long-standing institution located just east of Business Highway 75 near downtown Sioux City. The food will be greasy and atmosphere non-existant, but it hits the spot when you’re looking for a local fast-food choice with some menu options you won’t find anywhere else in the area. It all starts with their onion chips, thick-cut onion pieces that are battered and deep fried, served with a side of ranch-like dressing. The chips are available in a number and sizes and make for a great appetizer or a meal in and of themselves.

Beyond the famous onion chips, the Tastee sandwich is another popular menu item. Wrapped in wax paper and served on a soft, small bun, these sandwiches are comprised of seasoned loose-meat hamburger, chopped onions, and a couple pickles. A slice of processed cheese can be added for a quarter. A number of meal options pair sandwiches, fries, or onion chips with one or more sodas — you can usually find a deal to meet your needs and save a dollar or two.

Tastee Inn & Out is open year-round, seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

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Gallery: Iowa Post Office Closings

Post Office 50152 (Luther, Iowa)

In the Sunday Des Moines Register, Kyle Munson filed a story on the loss of post offices in small towns across the state, including the Boone County town of Luther. The pictured photograph closed February 10, 2011, after a truck drove into the side of the building.

Photographs of seventeen of the other post offices set for review are in the below gallery:

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In the News: Iowa Post Office Closings

Post Office 50134 (Kelley, Iowa)

The previously-featured Kelley Post Office closed its doors yesterday, February 25, 2011, due to a temporary suspension after the building’s lease was not renewed. The Ames Tribune reported there’ a possibility operations could be restored to Kelley, but during a public meeting, WHO TV notes Sarah Lindauer of the US Postal Service said they did not foresee this happening due to budget cuts. Residents in the Story County community will now receive mail curbside or in “cluster boxes.”

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Zoey’s Pizzeria (Marion, Iowa)

Zoey's Pizzeria (Marion, Iowa)

Located on the square in downtown Marion, Zoey’s Pizzeria will celebrate its twentieth year in business in 2011. Zoey’s keeps things simple with a small menu built around two styles of pizza. While many patrons swear by for the deep dish Chicago-style pizza, the New York thin crust pizza rivals any restaurant in the state. It’s thin but not too thin with the right proportions of sauce, cheese and toppings. You’ll be satisfied with a basic cheese pizza, but more adventurous diners will want to try the “Zoey” combo pizza or “Z-Taco-ey” pizza, which is topped with seasoned beef, onions, cheddar and mozzarella cheese along with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and seasoned tortilla chips.

When dining in at Zoey’s, don’t leave without ordering a “Zookie” for your table. It’s a thick chocolate chip cookie baked and served warm in a deep dish pizza pan, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. The bites get better as you work through the cookie with the melting vanilla ice cream, gooey chocolate chips, and warm cookie dough merge. You’ll want to split the dessert and may consider ordering a glass of milk, served ice cold alongside the Zookie.

Note that Zoey’s gets busy on the weekends, and the small restaurant doesn’t have much in the way of a comfortable waiting area. Be prepared to sit along the window sill, hover in the doorway or, if it’s a nice day, sit street-side while you wait for a table.

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Photo Follow-Up

Each month, Iowa Backroads will follow-up on previously featured photos that are in the news:

  • Corning Opera House (Featured October 19, 2010)
    Only $100,000 remains in the fundraising campaign to restore the Opera House in Corning in Adams County. Work continues on the interior, and the group aims to have renovations complete in spring 2012. Send donations to the Opera House, 710 Davis Avenue, Corning, Iowa 50841, or visit the website for more information.
  • Mitchell County Courthouse (Featured November 3, 2010)
    County supervisors are discussing repairs and renovations to the 150-year-old Mitchell County Courthouse, which needs a number of updates. Read more: Mason City Globe-Gazette has more.
  • Royal III Theatre (Featured February 3, 2011)
    Renovation work is underway in the 100-year-old Royal III Theatres building in Le Mars. Theatre seats, which will be replaced, are available for $8 each. Read more: Le Mars Daily Sentinel