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Feature: Bob’s Drive Inn (Le Mars, Iowa)

Bob's Drive Inn (Le Mars, Iowa)

You won’t want to take a trip to Le Mars, Iowa without making a stop at Bob’s Drive Inn.  The fryer food or hot dogs are good meal choices, but the small restaurant is most famous for its taverns.

For those of you not familiar with the terminology, taverns are simply loosemeat hamburgers.  I’m not sure how the hamburger is cooked, but it’s greasy and tasty and goes great on a soft bun with cheese and condiments.  Check out Bob’s if you’re in town – it’s open seven days a week beginning at 11 a.m.

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Feature: Hawkeye Point (Near Sibley, Iowa)

Hawkeye Point (Near Sibley, Iowa)

Last weekend, Amanda and I stopped by Hawkeye Point, which has the distinction of being the highest point in the state of Iowa.  The 1670-foot peak is on private property, but it is easy to access, just a short walk from the road.  The official landmark is at the end of a feeding trough and is marked with a wooden cutout in the shape of Iowa.

There’s a metal box encouraging visitors to register, where we wrote our names and bought two of the souvenir keychains, which go for a mere $1 each.  Located just north of Sibley, Iowa, Hawkeye Point provided a break from driving and nice view of northwest Iowa farmland.

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